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May 23, 2006



I'm afraid to say he gets it from you Kay.
And you spell *shenanigans* like this.
As I've learnt from past mistakes.

Harveys papa Miller

It's not papi it's me, grandma, thanks Kay, great blog we can remember very well IT'S MINE from our last visit, now dad and I frequently say "It's mine" I must admit it does bring back some lovely memoirs of our last visit to see you all. "Going under" great stuff Harvey, we're proud of you. Grandma and Papi are swimming most days at the moment, it's a bit cold, only just 22 degrees! Fingers crossed that Ryanair bring down their fares and you can come and have a swim with us. The other day we were in Auchan and Papi found a fantastic motor boat, battery operated and everything, we can just see you crusing up and down the pool. Must go now as it's papi's dinner time.

Love you all loads

Harveys papa Miller

Harvey, keep it up, for as sure as eggs are eggs later in life not a thing will be yours! As a male Harvey your future wife or girl friend will claime all you have, not a thing will be yours, and just think any thing you have left the tax man will get. So good on you, have your fun when you can. Me I have nothing, if I pickup a bucket or brush all I hear is put it back it’s mine. Even her car, I can clean it, survive it, but any thing else, oh no, I just hear it’s mine.

So come on girls am I correct?????


Papa Miller,
You made me laugh.
Out loud.

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