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June 11, 2006



Cute hedgehog, and cute tick- poor little thing, he can't help being a tick.

Princess A

Thought Mr. Hedcodge (Mollyism) was indeed cute but I now feel sick after viewing the hideous tick. It doesn't help that I've been sniffing fish all day in a brainstorm which has also made me feel slightly queasy...


It's Hedgecodge. Or Hodgecodge.

Princess A

I prefer Hodgecodge I think.

Anyway, I've been asked to explain my earlier comment. Unfortunately in the (un)glamourous world of PR we have to do many stupid things. One of which is trying to find inspiration for creative ideas. Yesterday to try and get us in the right frame of mind to talk about a potential fish client we had to close our eyes and smell a variety of disgusting fishy products - weird mussells in tomato sauce, salted cod fillets etc - and describe what the smells made us think of. At 10 on a Monday morning on a boiling hot day this is not a pleasant task. I hope this clarifies somewhat!


cannot believe that you are suggested that that prickly flea-infested thing is cuter than our children - where's the pic 5 minutes later when they were both hysterical?

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