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September 18, 2008





Oh my! I think I have Barney's brothers living with me. Both of them rip the eyes out of any stuffed critter, (then the tail, then the nose and then the poor thing is gutted.) Thank goodness for the thrift shop and 25 cent stuffed animals!


so glad to find your blog again - I just happened upon it, whilst fighting the urge to sleep (at work).

Sandy (our puppy) loves stuffed animals too, I worry that she thinks herself quite a preditor. (I hate to think they'd go for the eyes first, in the wild)


As an ophthalmology tech (read: EYEBALLS) for the last 23 years, I have to say,


So sorry hear about Charlie, but glad that Barney found you. Happy first day of school to the Boy-O! Take a photo each time; you won't believe how quickly they add up. (Our girlie's in grade 6 this year...)

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