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December 05, 2008


Lynn Roberts

She does knows what the internet is (sort of), and she'll be cackling like a witch when I show her this.


Typepad is being stupid with the comments tonight, and not linking properly. Grrr.


She's flipping us off, right?!
Merry Christmas to all of you especially to my boy Harvey who is 2x as tall as when I last commented. Shame on me.


Whaaaaaaaat!!!! She knows what the internet is? Really? What have you done? DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT SHOW HER!!!!


Re the above comment - what's it worth ?
snigger snigger.


What a fantastic bird your Mum is...Went to your blog because my sister sent me to your sisters site. So far away in New Zealand, but, I hope the same sense of humour..


NOT what i was expecting at all...what a hoot! Is she lying about her age? Could she be adding 30yrs on to get away with talking about 'wigs' ??!

Ursula Connelly

I did NOT expect that piccie
What an absolute star!

Tiff@Three Peas

WOW She does not look 85 at all! I bet she's a hoot!

clare bower

I think she's wonderful . You and your sister have cracked me up . My mum is 85+ and she still can't work the tv let alone a computer. I know you love yours as much as I love mine .


Over here from your sister's blog. Thanks for posting the picture of your in/famous mother. I think she must not know about the internet, otherwise she'd rule it already. She is my hero!

claire Maraldo

Your mum sounds priceless!

and she is so young looking. Tell her that some people on the internet said so. Maybe she will be so pleased she will start her own blog.

Let's hope so. I would pay good money to read it.


OK--Mum looks fabulous.85 is the new twenty-two.Maybe we should just say 85 is prime time.
God bless her.


Thats right! Don't be afraid to speak your mind. This is the 21st century, right?


I nearly choked with laughing and drinking my tea at the same time because I certainly wasn't expecting that! I love it! What an ace picture!

I have wandered over here because Molly's mum told me to and have just read your blogs. Molly's mum makes me laugh (out aloud) during lunchtime at work. It would appear you all have got that same sparkle as your mumma.

I think you are all blooming ace! ..

Lots of love, Christina xxx

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